Hi I am Connector Carol the Caregiving Road Warrior. My husband and I are Spiritual Adventurers.

Some of you might be asking yourself “What is that?”.

Well, I hope you will hangout with me for a few minutes while I share part of our story with you.

But first, I have another question for you to contemplate.

Have you ever felt like you are in the wrong place, wrong job or in the wrong family etc.? I know, I sure did.

My life began to shift in a big way back in 2009. I believe that’s when I started to wake up to what I came here to be.

At that time I didn’t quite understand what was happening to me and what it meant “to awaken”! All I knew was that something was different after a crazy night before.

I had a thought that crossed my mind as I was driving my little Miata convertible down the highway at over 100 mph after a few beers – “it would be real easy to turn the wheel into the concrete median right now”. I didn’t know where that thought came from and slowed down. Thank God I didn’t act on that thought. The next morning I remember asking God “What is it that I am here for because what I am doing isn’t working? I am open and listening”.

The next day a friend called and invited me to a networking meeting which was held at 7am every Thursday morning at a Spiritual Church. Wow, I thought, no way! Who does that so early?! Then I heard in my heart “you told God you were open and listening”.

I went…

and now I see how God has showed me over and over what my mission is on this planet with each person, place and thing which has been placed so strategically right in front of me to learn.

There were many gifts and obstacles that showed up before I was aware that it was Divine guidance. At last, I finally was starting to understand. As I learned to listen with my heart more and more, I found the deep belief and faith that I am a conduit connected to source .

Then, on Feb 18, 2011 my husband Bill had a massive stroke, and wow I sure didn’t expect that, especially because I felt I was growing in my spirituality and wham, this shows up. I know supposedly everything happens for a reason! But seriously, not to Bill! We are soul mates, what is the gift in this?

A month later I found myself homeless and jobless sitting at the hospital 24/7 next to Bill who was still fighting for his life with no clue what had just happened. I cried and I prayed, “what am I to do now?” Our dreams of 2 spiritual healing retreat centers was gone, everything was gone, everything was done.

Then a peace came over me and I heard “It’s only stuff and a way of living. You still have your soulmate Bill. “And what else is possible?”, I thought “Yes, I guess I need to think outside the box”.

Moving on, my awareness began to grow at rapid speed. I started sharing my energy work with others. Then after more gifts and obstacles in July 2012 I decided to sell what little we had left and go out on the road and see the people we know and love, in hopes that we would meet new people along the way. Little did I know I would be where I am today.

Bill and I have always been adventurous and over the years we were traveling the world – scuba diving and enjoying great food, the sights and having fun with family and friends. We were always doing what we loved the most.

Our Adventures Now.

Since 2012 our Spiritual Retreat Center on wheels has so far led us to nearly 3/4 of the United States with more to come.

The Divine guidance has also led us to many incredible places and people. Some we have known and loved, and surprisingly many incredible new people in every place. What a blessing! Now I look back I realize that we were meant to connect with every person we met, as all of them have reported they were in need, or prayed for assistance, for someone like me or an angel to show up and guide them.

I am so grateful for the guidance and I now know my purpose on this planet is much needed. Like I was when I was driving that car at 100mph, so many of you are depressed, confused, filled with anxiety over whether to stay in the physical on the planet or check out. I could have driven into the concrete barrier but I knew my job was not done yet, I just didn’t understand what it was.

I am here to be your guide to help you to discover who, what and/or where you are meant to be.

Life is short… Live the Life you Love, Now!

With my Intuitive Energy Healing, Spiritual Adventures and Health & Wellness Mentoring I am the conduit to guide you to your joy, desires and dreams. I have assisted many to move into the greatness they came here to be.

If you would like to explore greater possiblities for your life and discover your true purpose, apply for a discovery session and start on the path to achieving your deepest dreams and desires.

spiritual adventures with connector carol

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