Spiritual Adventures

with Connector Carol

Spiritual Adventurers and Soulmates

Spiritual Adventurers and Soulmates

Hi I am Connector Carol the Caregiving Road Warrior. My husband and I are Spiritual Adventurers.
Some of you might be asking yourself “What is that?”.
Well, I hope you will hangout with me for a few minutes while I share part of our story with you…

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Dream to live the life you love…

Dream to live the life you love…

Have you ever wished you could do, be or live differently – like someone or something else? Or do you wish you had a better body or curly or straight hair? A better job or a better life?
What would it be like if you just went after your dream or your passion rather than just dreaming about it?!

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About Carol

I am a caregiver to my husband Bill and we're enjoying spiritual adventures driving around the USA in our RV Motor home. I am a Health and Wellness Mentor and Intuitive Energy Healer and my passion is to help others live a thriving and vibrant life of balance, ease and joy.




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